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Seeking legal assistance in Colombia, whether it's pursuing residency, making investments, or launching a new business? Our expert team is here to guide you through the process.

Our practices areas:

Commercial, Corporate, Real Estate, Immigration,  Customs, International Investment Law, and more.

Real Estate Law

We will assist you through the process of purchasing a property in Colombia, from the title study until the closing date we will be there to support your interest.

Immigration Law

We will assist you as an international investment in Colombia If you want to apply for a visa to stay in Colombia for long periods or to regularize your migration status.

Contract Law

Our main goal is to protect our clients by managing the risk in their day-to-day business activities and creating and revising contracts and the legal structures.

Investment Law

We will offer legal advice to invest in Colombia. We will help you with the transfer of the funds, risk assessment, formation of the purchase agreement, and the business closing.

Customs Law

We will assist you with the exportation and importation of goods, the procedures regarding payment, collection and refund of customs duties.

Corporate Law

We provide legal and comprehensive advice in the creation and maintenance of a company in Colombia.

Our Vision

The globalized world provides infinite possibilities to do business, live, study and get the best out of each country. For this reason, it is important to have legal knowledge, with solid training when making any type of investment in any country. This is how our committed, current and highly qualified firm in various fields of law was born, in order to provide first-hand information using all the digital and physical resources necessary to invest in Colombia.

The Jaramillo Law Firm is the office that a country like Colombia needs for international investment to become a reality. We have the best professionals in the country in various legal and commercial areas in the international field, and thanks to new technologies, we can be easily contacted, act quickly in the processes and provide continuous support to our client. The commitment is 360 °, so that the investor’s idea becomes a success. We are a highly qualified team to meet all the objectives set. We have lawyers with double degrees, bilingualism, knowledge in international negotiations and contacts with the country’s local trade, our firm is the most reliable group to carry out your legal processes.

About Us

Our Team

Valentina Jaramillo B.

The founder of the firm is a Colombian attorney with a Master’s in Law from the University of Leicester in England (LLM). She has worked in a migration firm in the UK and at the UN in New York. She possesses extensive expertise in international investment in Colombia.

Néstor R. Londoño S.

Attorney and an Associate Professor of Law, holding a Doctorate in Law ‘Cum Laude’ from UNIZAR – Spain. Master’s in Business Law from FVU (Madrid – Spain) and a Master’s in Private Law from UPB. Expertise in Private International Law, International Contracts, and trade and business regulation.

Jennifer Callejas P.

Legal assistant of the Censa, Judicial Investigator from the University of Medellín and currently a Law student of Institución Universitaria Americana.


It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Valentina Jaramillo Bustamante.  Her law firm in Medellin, Colombia is top-notch and comes with my highest personal recommendation as Valentina is brimming with initiative, expertise, and determination.

Jon Shearer


Valentina is our trusted legal advisor who’s opinion and advice we value above all others in Colombia. Valentina has been our attorney in Colombia since 2018. If you are seeking legal counsel that knows how to get things done efficiently and professionally, and is a pleasure to work with, work with Valentina!

Antonio Poglianich and Peter O’Kuhn

New York, N.Y.

Valentina has been my advisor for about 5 years. Her knowledge combined with a proactive personality has been a key factor on all my projects. Should you be thinking on bringing money to invest in Colombia, start a company, have comercial partners, Valentina will definitely take care of your business.

Laura Arboleda


Frequently Asked Questions

How many days can I stay in Colombia without a Visa?

There is a list of countries that only need a passport to come to Colombia, they will come with a permit that lasts 90 days that can be renewed or other 90 days in a calendar year. Click here to see the list.

If I have a visa, do I become a taxpayer?

This is the most common question that we as attorneys receive. The answer is: not necessarily. Because it is important to make a distinction between migration and tax status. Having a visa for more than 1 year allows you to stay in Colombia, however, to become a taxpayer you will have to comply with some requirements, one of which is to stay in Colombia for more than 183 days in a rolling year.

Do I need a lawyer to invest in Colombia?

It is not strictly necessary to have a lawyer but to avoid obstacles, identify and contain legal risks and handle Colombian bureaucracy, we advise you have the proper legal assistance. We recommend having someone to help you play as a local!

What do I need to consider before investing or buying a property in Colombia?

You can find more information in our article section at the following link.

How to bring funds to Colombia?

There are different alternatives to bring funds to Colombia, the traditional bank or with a brokerage account which is our recommendation. Usually bringing the funds with a bank can be a slow process and they delay the transfers; this can be a deal-breaker when negotiating with a Colombian. We recommend using Aliaza Valores, the employees are bilingual, and they are used to working with foreigners and understanding their needs.

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Rules to bring goods to Colombia by international travelers

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